Based in the East Bay Area of sunny California, Ben Monroe is a writer and communications consultant. He is interested in the ways that traditional storytelling methods can be used in advertising, corporate communications, and other non-traditional ways.

Something like a website...

This has been a long time coming. I've worked as a writer and publications guy for most of my adult life, but never bothered having a website before. But lately, as my client base has been expanding, and I've been getting work outside of my traditional channels, it's become clear to me that I need to have a place to communicate, and for people to find me.

I'm putting the blog at the front of this page for any number of purposes. I plan to use it to discuss my thoughts on writing, publishing, and communications. I'll be talking about my creative process, how I organize my ideas, and hopefully creating a dialog with anyone who cares to read my musings.

Additionally, I'm a runner, and active in the hobby games industry. So I will inevitably be tossing out thoughts on those sorts of things, too.

Books I've written